capella-scan 9.0

Converts music sheet contents to audio tracks

Transform sheet music projects into editable tracks by converting the sheet file into a ringing score based on bar lines, accidentals and clefs recognition algorithms of the utility. The resulting composition is fully customizable, which includes cutting, volume control, etc.

Capella-scan is a professional note recognition tool to help you digitize your printed music scores. You can either use your scanner or open an already existing image file (TIFF, BMP, PDF, and others), and the program will accurately recognize all the elements that conform the score, including multiple voices, accidentals, cue notes, grace notes, ties, slurs, and many more.

This program owes its outstanding recognition capabilities to Tesseract 4 OCR engine, which Capella-scan uses not only for note recognition, but also to detect even the smallest and more complex features you can find in sheet music, such as brackets, curly braces, dynamics, keys, crescendo and articulation signs, etc. Complex scores with multiple voices, lyrics, etc., are easily digitized with Capella-scan. With its more than 100 different dictionaries, it is capable of recognizing and double-checking almost any kind of text. Capella-scan also includes a convenient MIDI functionality that will allow you to listen to any fragment or to a full score. You can configure Windows MIDI mapper to play your score using any of the 127 different instruments and sound effects available.

One of the beauties of this tool is the possibility of having both the original score and the OCR results in the same window, displaying one on top of the other. This useful feature highly simplifies the editing process, minimizing the time you usually spend correcting notation mistakes. Additionally, it may work as a conventional music editing program, allowing you to insert any note or sign that was left out during the scanning process or that was missing from the original score. For further editing, printing, and enhancing tasks, the program can save your scores into Capella, CapXML, MIDI, or MusicXML files that you can then use with other professional tools like Finale, Sibelius, or Encore.

Francisco Martínez
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  • High quality recognition engine for accurate results
  • Easy-to-use correction and enhancing functionality
  • XML output


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